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IPE Decking


Building a deck that you don’t have to constantly maintain or replace, is easy with Ipe decking. This Brazilian hardwood’s many features and benefits create outdoor living spaces that can easily tackle any climate.

Ipe hardwood is a generally chosen for its high density and resistance to scratches, decay and insects. The lumber will last a long time, both indoors and outdoors. It is just as fire resistant as steel and remains strong as it ages.

Ipe hardwood can last up to 40 years and is twice as strong as Oak wood. The installation is more difficult than our other products but is still easy maintain. It is considered to be one of the most popular wood choices for homeowners because it can withstand harsh conditions while maintaining its structural integrity.

IPE Hardwood
Beautiful Grain

Ipé is the ultimate solution for those who want the best and most durable outdoor design. Ipé is the product on the market that will last the longest. Being a high density and harder wood Ipe is not only the best material for outdoors, it is unique in its coloration, character marks and graining variations.

  • No worries of water & snow ruining your deck
  • A truly eco-friendly exotic hardwood decking
  • A reddish-brown color that is easy to finish
  • Superb resilience against mold and decay
  • Natural resistance to termites & wood boring insects