Pipe Railings

IPE Hardwood
Beautiful Grain
Our ADA railing system allows you to create a continuous code handrail on any stair or ramp. The ADA secondary handrail system can be easily installed on site without any special tools. It can be mounted to any wall surface or railing; vinyl, wood, composites, steel, concrete or aluminum. With stairs and ramps it’s all about angles. Our adjustable internal joiner can accommodate a wide range of angles for stair and ramp transitions. Our ADA railing system has a history as the nation’s most innovative, code compliant railing system available.

“Get A Grip – Century’s pipe railing system allows you to design from the start or add on after the fact. This ingenious product is extremely adaptable and versatile. Use it as a secondary handrail with our other railing systems, or your existing railings, or where a railing is not required but you still want the safety and function of a hand rail. Very strong, very durable, very easy to install.

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