Rail Lighting

LED lighting strips allow you to add a slim and professional rail lighting design to your Regal deck railing. The Regal LED light strips colors can be changed from white, blue, and gold.

The Regal Aluminum low-voltage control unit comes with a remote control that gives you the comfort of having a beautiful deck with Regal LED lighting, and the option to be able to control it from inside your home. Use the Regal LED splitter cable to run Regal LED light strips in two directions.LMT lighting products add style, grace and functionality to your deck, patio, or backyard getaway casting a soft glow and creating a warm ambiance for your outdoor living areas. Hardwired lighting systems allow you to control the lighting, turning it on when you need it and off when you don’t. LMT also has solar post caps to light up your deck at night and by day they add beauty with the attractive finishes of your choice while recharging. Solar lights eliminate the hassles of wiring or electricity.

Lighting systems are perfect for entertaining areas that require light in the evenings or to simply showcase your fence, deck, or patio area. There are many options for lighting that allow you to personalize and highlight the uniqueness of your outdoor oasis. LMT exterior lighting products will make your beautiful outdoor space charming by day and stunning by night.

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