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Fusion Stone


BBQ’s and fire pits, garden sheds and planter boxes, backsplashes, kitchen islands and accent walls. No matter how you use it, Fusion Stone will increase the equity of your home. “Great Lakes” is our best selling system for a reason. Color selection you will love , no mortar, a rugged, traditional visual effect and most of all Ease of installation . “Dry – Stack” derives its name from the innovative feature of a no mortar installation that translates into the much valued benefit of an easy no mess application.

only $1299
Sample price
only $199
Sample price

Fusion Stone is an easy and budget friendly way to beautify your home, inside and out. It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee. Install on both new and existing wall assemblies regardless of surface. Fusion Stone features a patented system of stainless steel clips and screws that can be installed in any weather by anyone. Accessorize with

  • Hearth stones
  • sills
  • electrical boxes
  • and stencil stones

Come in to our showroom and see what Fusion Stone is all about.