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Mayne Outdoor Products


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Mayne has revolutionized outdoor decor with a beautiful collection of Planters, Window Boxes, Mail Posts, Address Signs and Storage Bins. Choose from a wide selection of products to add your own special touch to your outdoor space. With just the right combination of elegance and charm, Mayne has the perfect solution for any home. Whether accenting your windows or dressing up your backyard patio, creating amazing curb appeal has never been easier!
From concept to completion, the team at Mayne takes pride in every step of the manufacturing process. Using state of the art CAD software and rotational molding techniques, Mayne has developed an extensive line of outdoor d├ęcor products that add character and charm to any home or property.

Many of the planters and window boxes have water reservoirs that help keep plants roots moist where traditional planters or boxes don’t. Gain additional freedom knowing that your plants will thrive if your not there to water them daily.
We provide durable, long-lasting solutions for residential or commercial installations. Our team will work with you to ensure you have a positive and satisfying experience.
Planters, window boxes, yard signs, mail posts and storage bins, our four-season polyethylene and vinyl products are molded with durable, high-quality materials.