Ertec Species at Risk Exclusion Fence

E-Fence is a patented, durable, and low cost species exclusion or directional control system designed for projects in habitats where special status small vertebrates are present.  The fence is designed to exclude small vertebrates from active construction areas, control movement within fragmented habitat and for control of survey-area perimeters.  The barrier is made from a heavy rigid polymer matrix which is extruded for strength and durability.  The extruded strands of the Ertec matrix will not separate, stretch or entrap even persistent intruders. E-fence will neither entangle nor entrap, and will not corrode and decay like metal hardware, cloths, or geotextile fabrics.  E-fence allows high wind and heavy stormwater flow-through and can be installed across contours without enduring the destructive and scouring effects of storm water runoff.

Case Studies

Highway 401 Ministry of Transportation

Third Crossing Bridge Kingston Ontario

Southwestern Ontario Residential Development



Easy Installation
Color Choices

Unique Designs

Unique Designs

Unique Designs


  • Sunoco Refinery Sarnia Ont. EF40-5L
  • Nova Chemical Corunna Ont. EF40-5L
  • Enbridge Transmission Pipeline Kingsville Ont. EF40 & EF48
  • J.R. Brisson Equipment Vars Ont. EF40-5L
  • Kill Bear Provincial Park Nobel Ont. EF30
  • Henvey Inlet Wind Project Pickerel Ont. EF40-5L
  • MTO Hwy. 401 Chatham-Kent Ont. EF48-8L
  • MTO Hwy. 3 Essex Ont. EF48-8L
  • MTO Gate Panels Sudbury Ont. EF48-8L
  • Summit Pipelines Essex/Chatham-Kent Ont. EF48-8L
  • The Third Crossing Kingston Ont. EF30
  • Brooks Road Landfill Cayuga Ont. EF48-8L
  • CNL Rifle Range Petawawa Ont. EF30
  • Lemay Cookson Drain Amherstburg Ont EF48-8L
  • Boblo Island Development Amherstburg Ont. EF60-8L
  • Thames River Shoreline Rehabilitation Chatham-Kent Ont. EF48-8L
  • Rush Drain Relocation Essex Ont. EF48-8L
  • Little Res Q Conservation Pefferlaw Ont. EF30-5L
  • Residential Development Lighthouse Cove Lakeshore Ont. EF48-8L
  • Holt Line Bridge Rehabilitation St. Clair Twsp. Ont. EF48-8L
  • Gordie Howe Bridge Complex Windsor Ont. Ef60-8L
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