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When it comes to site work products, look no further than Advanced Building Materials for geosynthetic and site work solutions you can count on. Our company prides itself on its knowledge, understanding, and expertise of division two materials, and we continue to develop long standing relationships with manufacturers of the highest quality products at competitive pricing.  Our company is devoted to providing you – the engineer, owner, and contractor – with technically-sound, cost saving solutions to your challenges.

  • Geotextiles for erosion, drainage, filtration and stabilization
  • Geogrids reinforce construction fill materials allowing berm, retaining wall and road construction at reduced costs
  • Silt control materials help to contain runoff from construction sites. Silt fence is used for construction sites and silt curtains are available for protection of a watercourse due to land disturbance, or dredging activities within the watercourse. Silt bags are a cost effective solution for dewatering applications
  • Biodegradable erosion control straw and coconut blankets help establish vegetation and prevent erosion from wind and rain
  • Coir mats and logs are made from 100% coconut fiber and are used for erosion control of steep slopes and high velocity flow channels while providing an ideal micro-climate for plant growth
  • Subdrain pipe is used for residential and commercial sub-surface drainage applications. The pipe is manufactured from HDPE and is available in perforated or non-perforated configurations
  • Geosynthetic clay liners provide an excellent sealing layer to provide containment of liquids and solids
  • Cellular confinement systems are used to confine and strengthen infill materials such as rock, sand and topsoil. Geocells are typically used for channel and slope erosion control, retaining wall construction and road stabalization
  • Stormwater management solutions allow developers to match pre- and post-development hydrology
  • Geomembranes prevent leachate from contaminating the subsoil in sanitary and hazardous waste landfills
  • Gabion baskets used for retaining structures are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. They are permeable, allowing for environmental growth and preservation
  • Stackable block retaining walls
  • Grasspaving permaeable paving allows you to park, drive, walk, or ride on a beautiful grass surface. It performs the function of asphalt or concrete pavement but with the aesthetics of grass
  • Concrete mats are a system of concrete blocks connected together to form a continuous, inter-connected area and can be used in applications such as open storm drain lining, aqueduct lining, shore and beach protection, breakwaters, and boat launch ramps
  • Pipeline and valve corrosion prevention tape products for the sewer and watermain industry
  • Concrete precast catch basins, manholes with frames and covers, risers and unilock for the sewer and watermain industry
  • Corrugated steel pipe for ditch inlets and road crossings
  • Specialty fencing including safety construction fence, snow fence, silt fencing, deer fence, and exclusion fencing

Your Source for Advanced Sitework Solutions

We are now proud to announce that we are the exclusive Ontario distributor for Ertec Environmental Systems and Ertec E Fence.  Ertec is the world leader in exclusion fences for small vertebrates.  The E Fence is a highly reliable, zero waste, safe and low total cost species exclusion and control barrier designed for projects where threatened small vertebrates are present.

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