Whether your concrete anchoring needs are small in nature, or you require engineered fastening systems, look no further than Advanced Building Materials. Anchoring in concrete requires assessing all job site conditions and circumstances to ensure that the job gets done efficiently and safely, while meeting the satisfaction of the engineer, contractor, and owner. We carry the names you can trust and the materials that engineers require to get the job done right.

Sika Canada specializes in concrete anchoring resins designed to meet various jobsite conditions such as extreme cold weather and resistance to harsh chemical environments. Sika Canada offers a complete line of chemical fastening options ranging from general, non-specified anchoring to MTO-approved applications.

Sika Canada in Pointe Claire, Quebec, is an ISO-certified manufacturing facility and their products have become a benchmark for the highest quality concrete anchoring resins on the market today.

Hilti Canada offers one of the most extensive anchoring lines for the construction industry. Their chemical anchoring program offers a variety of materials suitable for cold weather, high vibration, hollow wall, cored holes, underwater, large diameter and deep embedment, or general multi-purpose fastening applications.

Hilti offers mechanical anchors that range from light-duty fasteners to heavy-duty anchoring systems in highly safety relevant or dynamic applications.

Combine these anchoring systems with one of the best tool and consumable product lines on the market today and Hilti offers you a wide variety of solutions to meet the rigorous demands of civil construction. From design to demolition, Hilti provides expert technical advice, reliable products, prompt delivery and outstanding service from a team of highly trained professionals.

BASF Corporation manufactures and distributes the Master Builders Solutions line of concrete anchoring chemicals. Widely recognized world wide, their Concresive line of epoxy anchoring resins have been used in many applications, ranging from general purpose bonding to highly critical anchoring in the harshest petro-chemical environments.

Master Builders has a line of anchoring adhesives that offer designers and contractors effective single-source solutions to their building and construction bonding requirements.

The Euclid Chemical Company manufactures a high quality line of epoxy anchoring resins under the brand name of Dural. The Dural brand includes resins ranging from low to high viscosity, that are moisture insensitive, and which offer many different formulations to meet a wide array of job site conditions and environmental conditions.

Cutting-edge research and development, technical support and service, and an education-driven specification effort along with ongoing customer training provides Euclid Chemical customers with the best products and support in the industry.

National Concrete and Accessories is a Canadian manufacturer of high quality, pre-set concrete anchoring systems for guardrail anchoring, light pole erection, and overhead sign structures. Their line of concrete anchors also includes concrete inserts for fastening of brackets, hanging utilities, pre-cast anchoring to steel, and curtain wall anchoring to concrete.

National Concrete and Accessories also manufactures a line of lifting brackets, eye bolts, and heavy-duty swivel plates to meet the most demanding tolerances and safety factors.

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