Cast-in-place Concrete

Advanced Building Materials is your source for:

  • Floor hardeners

  • Waterstops

  • Concrete form liners

  • Curing blankets

  • Form oils

CPD Construction Products offers an excellent line of concrete chemicals and expansion joint solutions for contractors requiring materials to complete their cast-in-place projects. Cures, seals, floor hardeners, waterstops, and expansion joints to satisfy the needs of any concrete project.
CPD also distributes EVA expansion joint for heavy bridge and roadway construction projects. EVA foam is an expansion joint material that has been specially formulated as an expansion/contraction waterproof joint filler material designed for new construction and rehabilitation projects.

Sika Canada offers a wide range of materials for the concrete construction industry including pvc and hydrophilic waterstop, floor hardeners, cures and seals, and form liners.

Sika Canada Inc., as a member of the international Sika Group, is a recognized leader in the field of specialty products for the construction industry. We offer standard-setting and value-added systems for roofing, concrete improvement, grouting, structural strengthening, joint sealing, concrete restoration, moisture protection, flooring and wall finishes.

Greenstreak Group Inc. falls under the Sika name of construction materials and specializes in waterstops for commercial construction. PVC extruded waterstops, highly chemical-resistant retrofit waterstops, and hydrophilic waterstops are among some of the specialty products offered by Greenstreak.

Euclid Chemical is a manufacturer that provides construction chemicals to the concrete industry. Whether it’s curing agents, sealers, floor hardeners, evaporation retardants, or form oils, Euclid has a solution to the needs of the cast in place concrete industry.

Adeka UltraSeal is a chemically-modified, natural rubber(non-vulcanized) product. The manufacturing process chemically bonds a hydrophilic agent to the rubber. This permits the seal to undergo controlled expansion when exposed to moisture.

This expansion capability provides a “double locking” waterstop – one from rubber’s natural resilience and one from expansion pressure generated when it is exposed to water.

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