Advanced Building Materials is your source for:

  • Masonry joint reinforcement
  • Anchors and ties
  • Masonry-to-steel connectors
  • Adjustable anchors
  • Masonry repair helical wall ties
  • Mechanical restraining anchors
  • Control joints
  • Mortar net and mortar mitt
  • Flashing systems
  • Cell vents

Fero Engineered Masonry Technologies manufacture a wide range of engineered, vertical, and lateral masonry support systems that meet and exceed the requirements of the building codes in Canada.

For Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) back-up walls use the block shear to optimize the design of the building enclosures by making them behave like shear trusses. Your wall system will be more cost-effective and you will limit displacement under lateral loads.

Blok-Lok is a leading manufacturer of masonry reinforcement systems, anchors, wall ties, stone anchor systems, repair and restoration systems, and engineered masonry solutions.

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