Bases, Ballasts, Pavements

Advanced Building Materials is your source for:

  • Asphalt reinforcement grid

  • Asphalt crack-sealing materials

  • High-performance patching materials

  • Sonotube

  • Rebar

  • Anchor templates

  • Bollards

  • Bollard covers

  • Concrete stone mix

Asphalt reinforcing

Our Pavement Reinforcement System is composed of fiberglass strands coated with an elastomeric polymer and formed into a grid structure. Each strand has a remarkably high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity; this is particularly important as asphalt concrete typically cracks at low strains.

When the GlasGrid System is sandwiched between the leveling course and the surface course in an asphalt overlay, it becomes the hidden strength in the road, turning vertical crack stresses horizontally to effectively dissipate them.

High-performance blacktop repair

Asphalt blacktop repair is a specifically formulated high performance asphalt cold patch material for repairing potholes and cracks over 1″ (25.4 mm) wide in asphalt pavements. It is suitable for use on roads, driveways, parking lots, and walkways. All-season formulation is suitable for making permanent repairs in wet or dry conditions.

Joint sealing tapes

Cold-applied, synthetic fabric-reinforced tape with a high-tack bituminous adhesive. Used for sealing open cracks and seams in asphalt and concrete pavements.  Paving Tape is used for surface sealing of open cracks and seams up to 0.20″ (5 mm) width in asphalt and concrete pavements, prior to overlay with new asphalt.  This seals the crack and prevents any reflective cracking in the asphalt overlay.

Joint sealing strips

Cold-applied, polymer-modified bituminous strip for sealing joints between existing asphalt and new asphalt installations. Used as a waterproofing joint sealant where new asphalt patches or maintenance is required, against existing asphalt surfaces. It also seals joints between asphalt and concrete or steel, such as concrete curb work or catch basin or manhole covers.


Guard Pipe steel bollards can be galvanized, powder coated (any color), prime painted and cut to any length. Bollards are available in various diameters, lengths, materials, and shape. Also available are bolt-down bollards, architectural bollards, removable bollards, and bollard covers.


Bases for light pole standards can be precast or cast on site.  We can provide you with the tools and materials necessary for casting on site such as sonotube, rebar cages, anchor templates, and decorative forms.

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