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LMT Mercer

Low Voltage Lighting presents both style and grace for your deck, patio, or backyard getaway. The hard-wired system allows you to control the lighting, turning it on when you need it and off when you don’t. Perfect for entertaining areas that require light in the evenings or to simply showcase your fence, deck or patio areas. LMT also has solar post caps to light up your deck at night and by day they add beauty with the attractive finishes of your choice. Solar lights eliminate the hassles of wiring or electricity.


Founded in 2008, Twist Production was born from the willingness of designers to dare to integrate light into a line of rotomolded products to bring liveliness to outdoor spaces. Our products create exciting environments that stand out and arouse senses. Designed in North America to withstand the changing weather, our line of products are made to last with minimal maintenance.

We continuously develop new products to meet the needs of designers, landscape architects, specifiers and developers. Our products are ideal for resorts, hotels, restaurants, water parks and public parks but also for individuals.

All our products are made using top quality resin to withstand UV light, the rigors of northern winter and heat of southern summers. The plastic material that we use is 100% recyclable. All our black color products are made of 100% recycled resin.

Twist Productions
LMT Elegance
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We spend close to half our lives surrounded by darkness. This is why, at in-lite, we know how important outdoor lighting can be. Since the early 2000s, in-lite has helped pioneer 12 volt LED lighting in North America and Europe. in-lite is now a leader in providing safe and energy-efficient low voltage lighting. Whether you are inside or outside your home, our lighting helps you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Let us show you what light can do.

At Advanced Building Materials our lighting products add style, grace and functionality to your deck, patio, or backyard getaway, casting a soft glow and creating a warm ambiance for your outdoor living areas.

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